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Strengthening Biodiversity Protection through Investigation Training (November 28, 2019)
Posted on 23:20 December 10th, 2019


With funds from Tropical Forest Conservation Action (TFCA) Sumatra an Acehnese Non-Government Organisation, Lembaga Suar Galang Keadilan (LSGK) and Scorpion Foundation Indonesia held a training for wildlife investigation at Madinah Hotel Banda Aceh, Thursday, November 28, 2019. This training aims at strengthening biodiversity protection in Aceh province in the framework of law enforcement.


The LSGK and Scorpion Foundation have formed a consortium called “LSGK Consortium” which currently partners with Tropical Forest Conservation Action (TFCA) Sumatra in a programme entitled “Protection of biodiversity in Aceh  province in the framework of law enforcement.”


The training at Madinah Hotel has 3 main objectives: 1) Increase understanding of participants concerning protected biodiversity in Aceh Province, 2) Improve competence of participants on technical aspects of field investigations, and 3)Identify wildlife trade networks, mode of perpetrators of crimes against wildlife.


The training participants consisted of members of organizations affiliated with LSGK and YSI from Aceh and North Sumatra provinces.


Through this training the participants obtained information that could become a network of local investigators in providing information and conducting investigations regarding illegal wildlife hunting and illegal trading.


The training consists of 4 sessions, each consists of presentation and discussion on the topics: 1)Biodiversity in Aceh Province, with speaker: Dr. Monalisa, SP, M.Sc - ACCI Unsyiah, 2)Investigation techniques, challenges and obstacles to the investigation of wildlife hunting and trading in Aceh, with speaker: Kinoy (WCU-WCS IP), 3)Types of wild animals predominantly hunted and traded illegally in Aceh, presenter Dedi Kiswayadi (FFI Indonesia Programme), and 4)Administration, reporting, and operational aspects of wildlife investigations, with speaker Ali Bangun Gea (SCORPION Foundation



List of participants:

1 Agustiar L (South Aceh)

2 Amar Hafiz L (Langkat)

3 Asrul L (South Aceh)

4 Ayu Sabrina Ramadhani P (Bireuen)

5 Budiman L (East Acehh),

 6 Dolly Rivani L (East Aceh)

7 Ikbal L (South Aceh)

8 Indra Wati (Medan)

9 Irna Puspita Sari P (Lhokseumawe)

10 Kamidin L (South Aceh)

11 Masyithah P (Aceh Besar)

12 Muhardi L (Bener Meriah)

13 Rahyumi Bahar P (Southeast Aceh)

14 Riza Marlina P (Medan)

15 Rusdiman L (South Aceh)

16 Sayed Nazran Ahmad L (Southwest Aceh)

17 Suma Brata L (Medan)

18 Syahrul Ramadhan L (Aceh Barat)



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