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Socialisation of Tapanuli Orangutan for the Community at Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve (May 24, 2019)
Posted on 19:56 May 25th, 2019

Ramba Sihasur is a remote village located inside the Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve area in the South Tapanuli Regency. Although this village is inside a conservation area, the government cannot easily remove the community, because they have been there since the colonial era. Instead, the village was made into an enclave area.

Rimba Sihasur village is surrounded by forests, which are the prime habitat of the orangutans within the Batangtoru ecosystem. In this village, frequent human conflicts with Tapanuli orangutans occur. Orangutans in this area often enter community farming areas such as rice fields and coffee fields, which are the mainstay of local communities.

Considering the importance of this village in orangutan conservation, the Scorpion Foundation, together with the Natural Resource Conservation Agency (BBKSDA) resort officers at Sopirok office, conducted a socialisation based on the importance of protecting Tapanuli orangutans to the Ramba Sihasur community on Friday May 24, 2019.

In this socialisation, three speakers: Gunung Gea from Scorpion, Resort Head of Dolok Sopirok Nature Reserve Muda Hutabarat, and BBKSDA resort staff Harianja, each talked about the critical condition of Tapanuli orangutan - of which there are only 800 left - and the need for participation of the local community for their protection.

35 community members participated actively in this socialisation, which began with a presentation by the Head of Sipirok Resort, Muda Hutabarat, followed by Sipirok Resort staff Harianja and Gunung Gea. All speakers described the condition of the highly endangered Tapanuli orangutan with only 800 individuals remaining. The community actively asked questions and gave statements during this meeting.

The community also requested that the government and NGOs help them resolve conflicts between villagers and Tapanuli orangutan.

After the main event, the community took pictures together holding banners that read "Save Tapanuli Orangutan," and "Only 800 Left." The banners reflected their concerns about the very small number of  Tapanuli orangutan remaining, and their desire for Tapanuli orangutans to be saved from extinction .

Pictures from Socialisation meeting with the community of Ramba Sihasur. 

The forest of Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve, habitat of Tapanuli orangutan.

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